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Diet Rules

April 25, 2010 By: admin Category: Diets

Have you heard of a new method to lose weight entitled The Every Other Day Diet? You can eat fatty foods every other day as long as you workout right and eat highly nutritious, low-fat high-protein foods on the first day. If you can keep the rule, you would successfully achieve your healthy goal some day.

Obviously, the plan of weight loss does not depend on your willpower too much. You needn’t be controlled by a strict and complicated list of food every day. What a plan! The Every Other Day Diet was created by 3 of the most renowned diet and fitness experts in the world, has helped over 300,000 people in more than 100 achieve phenomenal results, and has been proven to work in everybody, in spite of your current physical condition, age, or pre-existing conditions.

Water is a key element to any diets success. It will keep your hunger in check and drinking ice water will actually burn calories.

Snack food is great, but not if you are on a diet. Also if there is a restaurant or café that serves your absolute favorite foods maybe you should avoid it for awhile.

Diets tend to work better if you are not going through the pain alone. It is kind of hard to follow tip #2 above if your significant other is always bring snack food home for themselves.

If you really want to burn the fat you have to do cardio. It is just too easy to break your diet rules when you take your lunch at school or work. Protein builds muscle and muscle burns fat. Well actually it burns calories, but the end result is the same. Lack of sleep slows down your metabolism. Lack of sleep prevents your body from healing and rebuilding itself. Lack of sleeps slows down your thinking process and messes up your decision making ability. Wine is not only great for your heart, immune system, and digestive track it also has been shown (red wine) to help prevent and reduce the damage caused by strokes. Most doctors and nutritionists recommend that most adults drink 1 -2 alcoholic beverages per day. Just keep in that a lot of alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories that are real diet busters. Just keep telling yourself you don’t get that nice piece of chocolate cake if you break your diet before your cheat day.

Some Foods to Include in your Kid’s Diet

December 24, 2009 By: admin Category: Diets

Here is a number of the best healthiest foods to feed your child and how come they are so healthy:

1. Oatmeal: A fabulous breakfast food, full of B vitamins, iron, zinc and calcium. Old-fashioned oatmeal offers plenty of carbohydrate for quick energy and high fiber. Add berries and honey to make it a delicious perfect food for those fast-paced school day mornings!

2. Yogurt: Kick your child’s dairy consumption up a notch and include yogurt on the menu. A great source of calcium, yogurt is easier to digest than regular milk, and the cultures (check the label to make sure they’re in there!) are very beneficial to good colon health. Watch it on the sugar content though. A great idea is to buy plain yogurt and sweeten it yourself with fresh fruit!


Dieting in 3 Hours

December 10, 2009 By: admin Category: Diets

The beneficial and the defective about 3 hour dieting is that it is efficient but takes a very real dedication on the part of the one that is dieting. This diet is one that is taking the world by storm. If you have not heard of it before now, please get the time to check it out and see if this is something you could incorporate into your life. The results that have been rumoured as a result of this diet as nothing short of phenomenal. If there were one diet I would recommend above others for those who hate feeling hungry, it would be this diet.

When it comes to the world of dieting you will get that there are many diet, weight loss, and fitness plans on the market. It takes years for some to become a contender and others remain a best-kept secret of sorts. One such ‘best kept’ secret would be the 3 Hour Diet that was designed by Jorge Cruise. I am sure that there are many reading along and chuckling under your breath that there is no way one can lose weight by eating every three hours however the science behind the theory is fairly common and Jorge Cruise is a mainstay in the fitness industry.